Sonja Morgan Honored With New York State Assembly Citation & Behind The Scenes RHONY Filming

Sonja was recently honored by Inspired In New York for her accomplishments and contributions in the field of media, arts, entertainment, business and philanthropy. Organized by the wonderful Von Boozier Twins VBTE Events (Sonja In The City took a rest!), the evening took place at the chic venue The Griffin in the West Village.

Sonja on the Red Carpet at Inspired in NY

She received the proclamation from the State of New York which says: "a great state is only as great as those persons who give exemplary service to their community and society, whether through keen business strategies, through unique in their professional or other endeavors or simply through a lifetime of good citizenry."

Actress and comedienne Mindy Cohn with Speakeasy Moderne's Hank Stampfl and Clayton Whitman

Ms Morgan is honored as a "business role model, who approached plans conservatively in order to maximize her final value, adds sensibility to her brands and proves time after time that you can achieve great style while still saving time and money." Further citing her Philanthropy it states: " a long-time supporter of the arts, she has been lauded for her philanthropic achievements, dedicated time and money to helping LGBT Youth and sits on many boards and foundations whose efforts vastly improve the lives of New Yorkers every day."

Sonja with Countess LuAnn and Aviva Drescher

The award cited her personal achievement for her contributions as an innovator and trendsetter in the arts, media and entertainment industries. Sonja was happy to have her dear friends, The Fabulous Beekman Boys - Dr. Brent Ridge and Josh Kilmer-Purcell - who she considers to be achievers of same, present her with the award.

Sonja with Heather Thomson

Ms. Morgan threw a Sonja In The City engagement party shorty for Brent and Josh after MENY (Marriage Equality New York) passed. They recently tied the knot in Upstate NY where they film their show, The Fabulous Beekman Boys, which airs on Planet Green. The boys gave a lovely speech about being neighbors in Manhattan with Sonja, their friendship, love of tradition, fabulous escapades, and their memories of cooking together which was very moving to all. Even Phillip Bloch, stylist to John Travolta and Halle Berry, showed up to support his friend Sonja. He and Sonja are fellow crusaders for the cure for HIV/AIDS.

Sonja with good friends The Fabulous Beekman Boys - Josh Kilmer Purcell and Brent Ridge

It was a wonderful evening and Sonja said she was delighted that so many of her good friends came to support her on this very special occasion. She was joined by fellow Real Housewives of New York City co-stars Ramona Singer, Countess LuAnn deLesseps, Aviva Drescher and Heather Thomson.

Sonja with The Von Boozier Twins

Sonja with Wayne Jones & Ise White

Middleweight Champ Peter Quillin with Sonja

Sonja poses with stylist to the stars and former Inspired in NY recipient Phillip Bloch

Autism Speaks Sixteenth Annual Celebrity Golf Challenge

Sonja Morgan’s Cabralesque skit in full

For my special readers, I've included the full unedited untampered with video of my sing-song skit that I personally wrote for the charity which I call "Cabralesque"! The event was in support of spreading awareness of the launch of David Kilmnick's Long Island Gay and Lesbian Youth (LIGALY) center in Long Island.

Sonja Morgan’s Summer in the Hamptons

Every now and then it's nice to get out of the city during the summer; as you know I've been shooting for RHONY quite a bit in the Hamptons and doing some charity work out there, but I've also had time to enjoy myself. I have a beautiful rental from my friends at Nestseekers International in Water Mill. I hosted a brunch at my house a few weeks ago catered by the very talented Seth Levine from Georgica, and along with Team Sonja I was joined by my close friends.
Sonja's summer house in the Hamptons


 Getting ready for the brunch, catered by Seth Levine

It hasn't been all smooth sailing because while we were in the Hamptons my car battery died while I was lunching at 75 Main with my friend, owner Zach Erdem. Luckily a member of Southampton's finest was on hand to help us out and he jumped my battery for me!

Southhamptons finest, kindly helping Team Sonja with car trouble

Sonja Morgan’s Statement on Senate DOMA ruling

I had every faith that Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy would come around. It was just a matter of time. I have been saying that to everyone I came in contact with who was frustrated. I said "just have faith and hang in there." See, there is justice sometimes! The court said that the Federal Defense of Marriage Act, or DOMA, was unconstitutional and ruled against a provision that denied benefits to legally married gay couples. I learned alot about how this feels by being involved in the LGBT community through my charity work over the years. This essentially began for me as an artist since a young girl modeling, acting, and at The Fashion Institute of Technology and then throughout my career in Fashion, Art, Entertainment, and Media. Above: Sonja is a proud supporter of NOH8 I know the saying "Love Hurts" but when Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote the majority opinion with the support of 4 other Judges he said "DOMA divests married same-sex couples of the duties and responsibilities that are an essential part of married life and that they in most cases would be honored to accept were DOMA not in force." Further Justice Kennedy said that the law "places same-sex couples in an unstable position of being in a second-tier marriage." No one should be treated second-tier in America. No one. Love heals. Love does not hurt. Love makes us stronger and that makes our country stronger. Justice Kennedy went on to say "Under DOMA, same-sex married couples have their lives burdened, by reason of government decree, in visible and public ways," No one in America should be singled out. It's humiliating. Have we not learned our lessons from the past? We are equal. I learned more about this and how it feels among same sex couples when I became involved with MENY (Marriage Equality NY). I recieved a call from Brian Silva asking me to get involved and I gladly did and spoke at the MENY March to Brooklyn alongside other supporters. Above: Sonja expresses her wish to help prepare the Beekman Boys nuptials in Star Magazine I personally felt the pain in the community for too long. I really thought NY had missed the memo when all these other states were ahead of us. I knew if Governor Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Michael Bloomberg got on board with the support of some important friends of the community such as Caroline Kennedy who was the 100,000 signer of a protest that the rest of the Nation would take notice. I was very proud of our Country when President Obama came forward after MENY passed. Proud indeed and I got up and spoke about it at an Off Broadway Pride Event. We are headed in the right direction and our Country still stands far above all because we stand for freedom and independence. Now, can we can talk about our children and instilling future independence? My umbrella of charities has been for decades and remains Children, Artists, Animals, and the LGBT.
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