Spring Holiday Floral Arrangement

“Cheap and Cheerful” This is one of my favorite floral arrangements. It rings in the hope of spring and warmer weather with its wonderful colorful theme. At the same time it is so easy, fast and inexpensive to throw together.
Use any vase you want, but be sure you can fit another glass container inside. Sometimes I use common household items like a sugar bowl or oil/vinegar server.
Pour candies between the vase and the inside container. You can use jellybeans, or for Valentine’s Day I use the heart candies with sayings on them. Fill the inside container with water leaving room for the flowers to displace the water and not overflow onto the candies. If the water gets on the candies it makes a sticky mess over time.
I then add tulips, or daffodils. Tulips last longer, but both are about 7 to 10 dollars a bunch from your local supermarket or NYC deli, and can cheer up a whole room.
If you want to be extravagant go with white roses, and use red hots for that special someone in your life! If they really deserve it, throw in cashmere socks or a throw. Enjoy!

My Holiday Arrangement

"Red, White, and Warm" I love this arrangement and make it for my home every year in November just before Thanksgiving. I start with these curly twigs that I always find at the corner deli, along with Magnolia tree branches, and $10 bunch of white lilies or I splurge on white Casa Blanca lilies. Lastly, I put the red flower that’s always at the deli called Red hypericum berries. The best is when I have time to go down to the flower market on 17th Street in NYC, its a wonderful experience if you ever get the chance I highly recommend it to bring out your creative side. When choosing, always go with 1, 3, or 5 stems. The woody stems last till Feb when the spring stems come out. The great thing about the magnolia branches is that the leaves fall off and display fabulously in a crystal bowl, in your favorite flea market find or your Cache Pot pictured above. As the lilies expire you can replace them with fresh ones among the twigs and just refresh the water. When you are down to the twigs and Hypericum berries, cut the berry stems short and arrange with roses and pine for another holiday arrangement. This particular arrangement consists of 5 Green curly stems 3 Magnolia stems 5 Casa Blanca lilies (or you can use one bunch of the asia lilies at the deli) 5 Stems Red Hypericum berries

Cache Pot

"Can't Go Wrong With a Cache Pot" This beautiful cache pot (pronounced cash po) is inexpensive and elegant and can be a wonderful family tradition. I pick up orchids from Home Depot for $19.99 and pop them in! Sometimes I splurge and put two orchids in, but then I have to remove them from their containers and put them together in another. This takes some finagling, but it works. When the orchid bloom expires, you can pick up flowers from your corner deli, put them in an inexpensive container inside the cache pot. If you live in the country move the orchid to the greenhouse or a screened sunny window till it blooms again. Then cut foliage from your garden or back yard and place inside the cache pot. Voila! Then when your orchid blooms again put it once again in the cache pot.

I use cut pine branches, holly branches with their leaves, fall leaves on their branches that have turned yellow, red, and orange, rosa rugosa and their berries which are called rose hips. Any perennial you have will work, even pachysandra. I throw fruits and veggies on their stems in the arrangement. I like cherry tomatoes, a cluster of crab apples, or calamondin oranges. It's not what you use it's how you use it! Flowers with feathers added for fun! When my Christmas cactus is blooming in the green house, I take that and drop it in or in the city I buy one at the corner deli for $14.99.
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