Inside the wardrobe of Sonja Morgan

Since my days at The Fashion Institute of Technology, while traveling the globe as a fashion model, actress, working in fashion retailing and wholesale in New York’s Garment District I have developed many close and kindled relationships with some of the world’s most internationally renowned designers. They have served me well! Most gracious for their support of recent as a single mom regaining her footing. Like in Louboutin! Thank you for being a friend.

After becoming a star of The Real Housewives of New York I have been sharing my fashions on screen, continue to attend Fashion Week, giving style musings to Star Magazine, turn it out for my favorite and most worthy charities, grab a cover for a magazine here and there and manage to still garner a corner of legendary Bill Cunningham’s New York Times Sunday Styles from time to time. It’s not over til the fat lady sings!

Of course since my early days in fashion and the purchase of my first properties as a young girl making her way in the BIG city I have been building my international fashion lifestyle brand. recently asked me to showcase some of my beloved and essential wardrobe pieces. From favorite designers, styles, colors and cuts here’s a look inside my closet for your Spring essentials.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2014

Fashion Week is always one of my favorite times of the year.

I went to FIT so I am always eager to see what designers are bringing to their new collections.
It’s also a great time to catch up with friends!

And We’re off!

Started off Fashion Week with Montgomery Frazier who styled me for Mark and Estel


Sitting next to my dear friend “THE Image Guru” Montgomery Frazier who dressed me for some of my shows, and Orange is the New Black stars Laura Gomez & Danielle Brooks. Of course my intern is front row as well! Oh the places we go!

With my friend Mindy Cohn of Facts of Life!

Nicolas Brochet and I attending Zang Toi’s fashion show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week at Lincoln Center

With Phillip Bloch the stylist to the stars

Camille Grammer & I

Backstage with Zang Toi, Ramona, & Jill after his amazing fashion show!

Malan Breton Show! Wearing Mark & Estel top, Girogio Armani pants, & a Ramiro Encizo clutch! Style by THE Image Guru Montgomery Frazier

OK Magazine’s 8th Annual NY Fashion Week Celebration!

Two Portraits by Raya The Hollywood Photographer and Behind The Scenes Pics

Raya developed her photography craft in Paris, her imagination and creative instincts caught the eye of a Parisian fashion editor. In Paris, she shot for more than ten years with prestigious magazines such Harper’s Bazaar, ELLE, Dansk, and luxury brands such as Cartier and Sephora.

Eventually, Raya fell in love with New York and moved there for 5 amazing years focusing on advertising for beauty and jewelry brands. She recently opened Your Hollywood Portrait Studio( With an all female team of hair stylist and makeup artist, and a true expertise in lighting, Raya creates glamour Old Hollywood portraits, or elegant boudoir shoots for every woman.
Raya’s experience allows her to make everyone feel comfortable during a shoot. The goal is always the same, to enhance and spotlight everyone’s individual beauty.

Behind the Scenes with Ms. Moran at the Raya Photosoot

Sonja and Marley take to the runway for Celebrity Catwalk Benefitting Rescue Animals

On Saturday June 1 RHONY filmed Sonja Morgan as she walked the runway for Paws in the City: A Fashion Show of Furry Proportions, taking her beloved dog and fan favorite Marley at the fashion event at the Calumnet Gallery in Chelsea. Fellow Real Housewives of New York co-stars Ramona Singer and Heather Thompson also took part, along with adoptable dogs decked out in finery from Animal Care & Control of NYC and Rescuzilla.

Above: Sonja struts her stuff on the runway with Marley 

Sonja’s good friend Prince Lorenzo Borghese whom she has worked with on other animal charities in the past such as Bideawee that she hosted in 2012, was emcee on the night. Of the participating models Borghese said, “I was happy to see The Housewives of New York City come out to support the importance of pet adoption on such a steamy hot Saturday night. It was a wonderful evening for an incredible cause.” Sonja said it reminded her of the movie Best in Show if any of you are fans of this satirical film.

So tune in to Season 6 to see the footage from the event for yourself!

Winter White Cashmere Shawl


“I love Luxury, and Luxury Loves Me back in this Winter White Cashmere Shawl!”

White signifies luxury. Winter white is perfect for holidays and for traveling year round. From Colorado to Florida or Overseas this plush shawl will keep you warm and looking great. It will have you standing out with the best of them! If you are traveling home for the holidays by train or plane this shawl can also be used as a pillow or blanket. My trick to keeping it looking brand new is to de-fuzz it every year. You can also use Nature’s Miracle to remove stains by hand. I have been doing that with my daughter’s favorite cashmere hat since she was 5 years old and she is now 10 years old. Remember maintaining white is where the luxury comes in. If cashmere is not in your budget invest in the best wool, or wool/cashmere blend you can afford.

I got my Cashmere shawl over 20 years ago at Christian Dior with a gift certificate from a restaurant client. I have collected other colors from Loro Piana, Hermes and Giorgio Armani over the years, which I have found on sale or at outlets. I have also received some as gifts, which are life long items to have and cherish. Check out the following ways to enjoy wearing it.

Christian Dior Cashmere Shawl


[lightbox href=”” desc=”This is the description”]

Thrown Stylishly into the Tote


[lightbox href=”” desc=”This is the description”]

Worn as a Shawl over a Theory Down Jacket

Magazine Covers

How To Look Red Carpet Fabulous in Under 20 Minutes

Sonja Says You Can Have A Smokey Eye And An Up-Do Too!

Being a busy working single mom, I have mastered the up-do and smoky eye combo so I can be out the door quickly and still spend time with my daughter after school. Since a lot of you have asked, I decided to do an instructional blog for the smokey eye. This is all so simple and it takes under 20 minutes!

Here’s what you need. These are the products that I prefer, you can use different brands and colors if you like.

  • Tru Renewal Ultra Repair Telemore Cream with Algae Enzymes
  • Bobbi Brown cover up
  • Chantecaille Foundation
  • Chanel (les 4 ombres-Dunes) Eye Shadow Palette
  • Chanel (les 4 ombres) perfect Eye Brows
  • L’Oreal voluminous mascara Black/Brown
  • MAC dazzleglass Lip Shimmer Gloss (Sugarrimed)
  • Bare Minerals Original (Medium C25)
  • Duo Eyelash Adhesive
  • Elite Lashes Individual lashes (Flair Short Black)
  • Duralash Eyelashes (Medium Black)
  • Makeup Brushes from Sephora professionals collection
  • Tweezerman tweezers

Before I start on my eyes, I usually cover up with some more foundation in spots where I have redness or any blemishes. I also use some mineral powder around my face and on my neck area to make its more natural looking. The base makeup gives me a bit of a glow and makes the eyes pop a lot more.



I usually start by smoothing cream on my face to refresh my face, give it some glow, and to make sure all of the makeup goes on smoothly. I LOVE Ramona’s TruRenewal face cream.

I also like to use a little bit of foundation. I prefer Bobbi Brown and Chantecaille, but you can use CoverGirl, Maybelline, or anything you want.

The smokey eye is my favorite – especially when I have a long day and I’m tired! I don’t like to use a very dark palette because I have blonde hair, but you need a palette with at least four colors. I start with a thin line of the darkest color and bring it out just past my eye. I also do a small line underneath my eye. Never make the ends of the line meet – it takes away the shape of your eye!

Next, I take the second lightest color and bring out the upper corners of my eyes – just under the eyebrows. Then, I take the highlighting colors and apply them right under the brow. This makes you look more awake and will even accentuate your brows. Some people use the highlighting base around their entire eye before they start the process – I just use it right under the brow.

My favorite mascara to use is the L’Oreal Voluminous mascara. I use this first on the bottom lashes. You can’t forget the bottom lashes! Don’t get lazy! Then, I use the mascara just on the end of my upper eyelashes. You don’t need very much when you do the smokey eye… Using less saves time!

Usually, I’ll use fake eyelashes as well as mascara. I start with the shorter lashes on the inside, and move to the medium lashes towards the outside. I don’t get too close to my nose with the fake lashes because they tend to make them look closer set. I also don’t use the longest lashes because I find them to be way too big!

When I’m done with my mascara, I take the thicker brush and smudge out the corners of my eye. The eyebrows are also very important… they frame the face! It’s important to have them shaped by a professional, if you can afford to do so, but if not there are videos online to show you how! I take the eyebrow pencil and start from the highest point – right above my pupil. Then I fill the color in and bring it out. Not down, but out! Be careful not to go too far.

I finish off the look with a sparkly, sheer lip gloss. I prefer MAC, but any brand or color works!

You can see an instructional video for this look that I did with the Learning Annex here.

See? Looking red carpet ready is very simple and the whole look can be done in less than 20 minutes!

Birth of an International Luxury Fashion Brand! Sonja Morgan New York Behind The Scenes


Latino Show Magazine Cover & Sonja Morgan New York Launch!

Was honored to cover the luxury lifestyle magazine, Latino Show. A few weeks ago Team Sonja gathered close friends, business partners, and of course the RHONY crew to not only launch the cover but my new fashion collection, Sonja Morgan New York, as well.

That magazine Latino Show is international. It’s all about luxury and I was thrilled that they chose me for the cover. Along with a ten-page spread that was shot in the Hamptons this Summer, we discussed fashion, building an international lifestyle brand, and single motherhood. The former cover was Miss Universe so I’m very happy about it. Learn about their mission and maybe even sign up for a subscription at their website

My dear friend, Vanessa Noel at her store Vanessa Noel Couture on 64th and Lex graciously hosted the event. The catering was provided by Aneu Catering & Events ( I wore Sonja Morgan New York from head to toe. You can expect a little of everything from the SMNY collection, diamond jewelry, shoes, ready-to-wear, sportswear, etc.. It is set to launch in Fall 2015 with the capsule collection coming out this summer. Coming from a fashion background, studying marketing at FIT and working in wholesale, it is amazing to see this all come into fruition. I have to thank all my partners involved in SMNY and of course Team Sonja for the endless support in making this all possible. I cannot wait to see what 2015 has to offer!

Some behind the scenes shots of my shoot in the Hamptons


With my co-star Kristen Taekman

With Dorinda Medley

With my amazing dentist Dr. Toscano

With the beautiful best dressed Chiu-Ti Jansen

My stylist Cesar Gaviria

With the Latino Show publisher César Flórez, one of the people who made it all possible

My dear friend Vanessa Noel who graciously hosted the event at her store on 64th

My handsome and dapper date Dominik Persy




With my co-star Heather Thomson

See ya this Summer, 2015!