Sonja in the City takes it to Canyon Ranch Spa & Resort


When you first arrive at the Majestic Canyon Ranch in the Berkshires this is what you see. With the first view you immediately relax because you feel the history.

It takes you back in time to another era before the Internet, social media, and the craziness we live in today.

When I arrived to my room there is a beautiful fruit basket, fabulous healthy snacks and just look at the view from my room!

First thing I want to do is get some rest and leave my windows open for fresh air. I’m back home in the Berkshires!

The next morning I headed to spin class and I passed by the tennis courts. I think if I come back here with my guy he can’t complain because he can play tennis while I do my girly workouts, but believe me, there’s kayaking, hiking, biking and more activities. Look at the schedule, it is all included and they have additional things you can sign up for for a small fee.

I ran into these roller things and I have had tightness in my shoulder for the last year, acupuncture healers gave some relief but I have never had the release I needed until I rolled out my IT bands in my thighs like I did with these things.

After my workout I like to sit by the pool or by this fabulous water fountain and of course no cell phones are allowed. Even I find that difficult but it’s just what the doctor ordered.

Then I’m off to see Billy Baudreau who is my favorite most animated chef in the world. He has a captivated audience at Canyon Ranch every lunch and dinner where he shares recipes as well. Here in this picture you see the Canyon Ranch dietitian Crissy Garner and his fabulous assistant Slav.

Bowl of Billy’s famous quinoa salad. He shows you how to use all your “leftovers” because anyone who knows me knows nothing is a leftover. I cook extra in advance so that I have leftovers. Billy and I are on the same page when it comes to cooking in the toaster oven, he has two convection ovens. As do I! (Not counting the ones in the basement) He and I both agree it’s not about being the fanciest chef with the most difficult unattainable recipes, it’s about making sure everything is there for your guests and that they feel comfortable and that you have more time for them. Enough about that, I could go on about Billy and our cooking tips forever but you have to meet him yourself when you go to Canyon Ranch in the Berkshires.

Before and after dinner I like to spend my time in the library. It reminds me of the Morgan Library in New York City. It’s authentic and original and I feel at home. The fireplace is amazing and the mocktails are so delicious. They also serve tea time in that room.


Here I am in the hammock waiting for them to call me for my car to the Amtrak train station in Albany right to Penn station and then I’m a taxi ride from home. As you can see I don’t have a care in the world about my hair or my make up, I’m just like buuuutter as Barbra Streisand would say!

Audrey Magazine Interview & Photoshoot

Sat down for an interview with Audrey Magazine! They are a premium online and quarterly print magazine for and about women who lead with style. They focus on fun-filled and intellectual content for and about women with modern lifestyles and attitudes. Check out their website!

We discussed philanthropy, balancing work life and motherhood, and of course RHONY! Photos were done by renowned Suisse Romande architectural-photographer, Carlos Gustavo, in my dear friend Carol Asscher’s phenomenal Geneva home!

Wearing swimsuit and cover-up by Verano High Swimwear (check them out here:, shoes are YSL Tributes, sunglass by Capital Eyewear (take a look here:, and long dress by Kay Unger!

Sonja Morgan’s Summer in the Hamptons

Every now and then it’s nice to get out of the city during the summer; as you know I’ve been shooting for RHONY quite a bit in the Hamptons and doing some charity work out there, but I’ve also had time to enjoy myself.

I have a beautiful rental from my friends at Nestseekers International in Water Mill. I hosted a brunch at my house a few weeks ago catered by the very talented Seth Levine from Georgica, and along with Team Sonja I was joined by my close friends.

Sonja’s summer house in the Hamptons


 Getting ready for the brunch, catered by Seth Levine

It hasn’t been all smooth sailing because while we were in the Hamptons my car battery died while I was lunching at 75 Main with my friend, owner Zach Erdem. Luckily a member of Southampton’s finest was on hand to help us out and he jumped my battery for me!

Southhamptons finest, kindly helping Team Sonja with car trouble

Vacation to Phuket

I hope everyone is looking forward to their fabulous summer vacations!
Wondering where I travel throughout the year? Well now you can find out! I will be giving you inside looks into my favorite vacation destinations exclusively through my blog.

Phuket, Thailand is one of my absolute favorite locations.  I visit Thailand regularly with my closet girlfriends and my daughter. I always return home feeling an incredible sense of peace and rejuvenation that I derive from the beauty of Thailand and from spending time at my close friend’s villa at the Amanpuri Resort.

Be sure to keep following my blog to see more inside looks into my global excursions, but for now enjoy these pictures of the beautiful Phuket Province and Amanpuri Resort. Happy traveling!

Sea view from the living room area
The expertly done table arrangement in my room at the Amanpuri resort.
The expertly done table arrangement in the foyer of the Amanpuri Resort.
Rung asking me to sign her Latino Show Magazine cover.
Rung asking me to sign her Latino Show Magazine cover.
Sunning on the beautiful beach of Amanpuri; Wearing one of my favorite designers Verano High
Sunning on the beautiful beach of Amanpuri; Wearing one of my favorite designers Verano High
The regal Buddha at the entrance of the villa.
The regal Buddha at the entrance of the villa.